American Wine and Spirits, LLC is the publisher of the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board’s Official Pricelist “ALABAMA Select Spirits”.

ALABAMA Select Spirits” gives distillers and distributors a simple, success-proven way to reach commercial buyers and individual consumers by advertising “new products”, “special offers”, etc. in relevant editorial content, or in the pricelist itself.

The publication is published 3 times a year: January, May and September. It contains a message from the Administrator, the Official Pricelist, Fun and colorful Editorial content, Informative articles, Recipes and Advertising.

Licensees use the magazine to place their orders, prices are good for 4 months, so it will be used repeatedly. The magazine is available on this website, and can be downloaded as a PDF to your phone, tablet or desktop. It has a searchable feature to quickly find the product you are interested in.

This User Friendly Magazine includes:
• Easy to Use Pricelist
• Brand Exposure for National Advertisers
• Great place to introduce your NEW product or your “Specials”!
• Great Editorials in a fun layout with lots of great photography
• Special Informative articles from the State
• A message from the Administrator of the Alabama ABC Board.

The publication is available on this site!  – you can search for product availability, price, etc.

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